As soon as the sale of the token starts, the building of the lending pot starts simultaneously. For every ZRO sold, a ZRO is placed in the lending pot. After 40% of the token is sold – and given that for every token sold another token is placed in the lending pot, 80% of the ZRO has been allocated – then lending starts. What this means is that the token cannot be dumped because half of the tokens available are locked up in the lending pot. This is a unique feature which provides assurance for the owners of this token. ZRO is here to stay. There is no dumping ZiLCoin. It is simply designed with a safeguard against pump and dump.


Cryptocurrency prices are volatile. Prices are going to jump up and down due to a number of factors. So, what if you borrow 1 ZRO, at a value of 1 Ether and before you pay it back the value of the ZRO climbs to 2 Ether? You pay back the value you borrowed not the future value. And no interest. This is unheard of. Want it to happen? You can make it happen. Jump on board.

ZilCoin Token Sale

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Token Distribution

  • Loan Reserves: 50%
  • Research + Development: 10%
  • Lenders' Insurance Pool: 10%
  • Operations + Management: 9%
  • Legal + Regulatory: 8%
  • General + Administrative: 8%
  • Sales + Marketing: 5%

Project Roadmap

The roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

July-September 2020

Concept Formulated

August-October 2020

Team Assembled

October-December 2020

ICO Smart Contract Writing up

September-November 2020

Whitepaper Completed

October 2020-January 2021

Testing ICO Smart Contract

January-March 2021

ICO Begins

April-August 2021

Borrowing Facility Begins

May-October 2021

Borrowing Against Other Crypto Collateral Enabled

August-December 2021

Borrowing Against Real Estate Collateral Enabled

Our Team

ZiLCoin (ZRO) is an initiative of Advanced Analysis Australia.

Advanced Analysis is an independent high tech company of multi-disciplinary advanced engineering consultants and software developers.

We are pioneers in engineering automation, digitisation and advanced modelling.

We also carry out consulting and develop advanced software for engineering, scientific, and health problems for corporations insurance companies, government agencies and other entities.

The majority of our people are PhD qualified experts in their fields.

​Our team includes safety consulting engineers, medical experts and expert programmers who have worked with nearly every operator and many large engineering houses around the world with some of the most advanced techniques currently available which invariably means faster, higher quality and lower cost for our clients.


ZiLCoin Token Economics

We are building the ZRO Platform to allow our customers to borrow ZRO against collateral of real estate and a variety of different crypto assets. The ZiLCoin Token (ZRO) will be key for users who wish to borrow with no interest. ZRO has a unique model where proceeds are used to cover all costs and development, and gains are translated into increased value of the lending pot. When a token is issued, an additional token is allocated into the borrowing pot and borrowers can apply for and receive ZRO coin loans against their collateral. Initially, the collateral will be in Eth and this will be expanded into other crypto and finally real estate allowing borrowers to secure homes at the lowest finance cost in history. The principal is paid back in ZRO at the value of ZRO compared to the crypto collateral at the time of borrowing. If the collateral is real estate, then the amount to be paid back is the value of the real estate in crypto at the time of borrowing.